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Demise of 16 schoolchildren, one teacher in Gujrat mishap saddens whole nation, govt must wake up from deep slumber: Dr Fowzia Karachi, May 26: Vehicles with defective gas cylinders are deathtraps for innocent people and the government should take stern measures to make effective vehicles fitness testing system to ensure safety of life of people, said Dr Fowzia Siddiqui of Global Aafia Movement  in a statement here Sunday. Referring to the sad mishap of burning alive of 16 innocent schoolchildren and a teacher in fire in

My heart bleeds for the families of the Connecticut shooting. What we are seeing is one of the most influential societies deeply disturbed. We Hope President Obama and the American Nation can now share our Pain as we share theirs Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui The tragic loss of life that just occurred in southern New England has brought tears far and wide. My heart bleeds for the families that have been directly impacted by an unimaginable loss. My sister too was a victim of such a shootout, but because she

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