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Sometimes a New Year looks a lot like yesterday all over again. If that's not a cliche it should be, and I should be embarrassed to use it, but sometimes a cliche can describe the truth better than wisdom. 2013 looked a lot like 2012. -Aafia is still isolated in a prison cell. -She is allowed to phone her family in Karachi only intermittently. -Her brother hasn't been allowed to visit her since 2012. -She is being discouraged from filing the requests that would allow her to have visitors. -Mail that

Honorable Mr. Ban-Ki-Moon, Secretary General, United Nations Organization     Re: The Plight of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, A mother of three languishing in a US prison for a crime she did not commit.   Your Excellency, Congratulations on being elected for a second term, as Secretary General of the esteemed United Nations Organization.  Your historic words in 2007  “I grew up in war.  That experience was a big part of what led me to pursue a career in public service.  As Secretary-General, I am determined to see this Organization deliver tangible, meaningful results that

Karachi (   ) Bilawal Bhutto, Aafia appeals to your legacy and the youth implore your leadership, in this time of political crisis mere words and fiery speeches will not expand your support.  However an action that is tangible and supported by the emotional and the patriotic, the religious and secular, the poor and the rich is the injustice on Aafia and her outrageous sentence which surpasses all norms of justice.  This was the message delivered at Justice point Park towers Clifton where hundreds of people from

The Aafia Movement Pakistan demonstrates complete solidarity with the freedom struggle of oppressed Kashmiri’s. We stand united for Peace, Justice and Freedom. As pledges are renewed around Pakistan and PM pledges full support we urge that promises be made to be fulfilled hollow slogans as in the past. We at Aafia Movement have been victim of these pledges, and weep for the many Aafia's of Kashmir and their mothers and join their struggle as one family. We know and feel the pain of losing loved

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