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Karachi (   ) Bilawal Bhutto, Aafia appeals to your legacy and the youth implore your leadership, in this time of political crisis mere words and fiery speeches will not expand your support.  However an action that is tangible and supported by the emotional and the patriotic, the religious and secular, the poor and the rich is the injustice on Aafia and her outrageous sentence which surpasses all norms of justice.  This was the message delivered at Justice point Park towers Clifton where hundreds of people from

Aafia Movement invites to people to join Justice Point at Park Tower, Clifton Karachi. The purpose of gathering highlight victims of injustice like Dr. Aafia, Shumaila victim of Raymond Davis, Shahzeb victim of fuddles , Kamran Faisal victim of corruption and every victim complaint.                  

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