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                            We are prisoners of never-ending war on terror: Ridley -demands release of Aafia, says we will not stop banging on door of injustice until it finally opens   Karachi, May 30: Internationally famed investigative journalist Yvonne Ridley has said that we are prisoners of a never-ending war on terror and living in an age where it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell our enemies from our heroes, the good from the bad, but we will not stop banging on the door of injustice until it finally opens. Addressing

Repatriation of Aafia to improve the US image in Muslim world: Pasban leaders Karachi, July 31: A rally, staged here on Wednesday, demanded immediate release and return of Pakistani woman scientist Dr Aafia Siddiqui. The rally, organized by Pasban Karachi chapter, marched from the Masjid-e-Khizra to Karachi Press Club (KPC). The participants, carrying the portraits of Aafia, raised slogans in favor of the daughter of the nation. Addressing the rally, Pasban Karachi chapter president Shaikh Muhammad Shakil said the nation wants return of Aafia at all costs.

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