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by Andrew Purcell Okay. I got my Christmas gift seven weeks early. A complete surprise considering it came directly from Aafia. How did this happen? She is too dangerous for me to be allowed to visit. Certainly doesn't have a lot of opportunity to go to the mall and shop. During the first weekend of November I drove to Fort Worth with Aafia's brother. The prison officials would not confirm the visit. Come up and maybe, we'll see. He made the five hundred plus mile round trip expecting

So Ayman al-Zawahiri has decided that it was time for al-Qaeda to take up the cause of Aafia Siddiqui. Thanks a lot for this timely endorsement. Aafia was dragged from the streets of Karachi with her three small children in 2003. Not a sound from these defenders of Islam. Persistant rumors about the "Grey Lady of Bagram" began in 2006 and still the silence was deafening. Dr. Aafia reappeared in 2008 with a story that would have made Franz Kafka proud. Al-Qaeda chose to remain mute. An American

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