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Friday, August 31, 2012 ISLAMABAD: Acting US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Hoagland on Thursday revealed that Pakistan had never formally sought the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui in exchange for Dr Shakil Afridi, who is convicted of treason charges, but added that the United States can consider the release of Dr Aafia in exchange for Dr Afridi and is prepared to provide him shelter in the United States. In an exclusive chat with The News at a diplomatic reception, Richard Hoagland said during the cold-war, his

Washington-DC; In connection with International Day for Women, renowned human rights activists, representatives of human rights and women rights organizations held a peaceful demonstration in front of Pakistan Embassy Washington DC on March 8, demanding  Pakistan Government press for the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqi.  Co-director of International Action Center Sara Flounders, along with Brother Mauri Saalakhan of Peace thru Justice Foundation, Ralph Poynter (husband of Lynn Stewart, the lawyer for the blind Sheikh undergoing jail sentence), Joe Lombardo  of United National Antiwar Committee, Secretary General Shahid

According to American law experts and former US Attorney General Ramsay Clark writing a letter to US district attorneys or to Attorney General is not beneficial to bring Aafia home and results of such a letter are nil to negligible. A proper dignified and firm demand both verbally and in writing needs to be made to president Barrack Obama. Mere verbal comments and media statements with no substance are not helping Aafia, and will not silence the global movement, instead will only provide more

Former US presidential candidate and two term US Senator, Mike Gravel, said that if the Pakistani Government takes serious and practical steps, Dr. Aafia can be "back in 2 days".  He made these remarks after visting with the family of Dr. Aafia at their home in Karachi, Pakistan.  The Former Senator is currently visiting Pakistan accompanied by Dr. Aafia's lawyer, Ms. Tina Foster.The purpose of the visit is to emphasize to the Pakistani government the options availabe to secure Dr. Aafia's release and the

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