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Aafia had requested that judge recuses himself from trial and her conviction be overturn Karachi, July 9:  Aafia Movement Pakistan here Tuesday regretted that the U.S. judge who presided over Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s criminal trial has denied Dr. Siddiqui’s request that he recuse himself from presiding over her newly filed legal case that seeks to overturn her conviction and sentence. In a release issue here, they said that Law Office of Tina Foster has announced that Dr. Siddiqui’s attorney in the case, Mr. Robert Boyle, appeared

For the rest of the world, the attention ebbs and flows around anniversaries. For Aafia's ailing mother marking an eleventh year is just another day of loss. Aafia's mother was elated by last year's tenth anniversary activities. People in two dozen countries participated in demonstrations and demanded her daughter's return. A new national government had been elected in Pakistan, a government that pledged to bring her home. Public interest in Aafia's case was moved to demand not only action but results. The government reacted

There seems no end to the long ordeal of Pakistani scientist Dr Afia Siddiqi.   It’s been more than ten years since she disappeared under mysterious circumstances from Karachi and then was picked up by the United States.  In 2010, she was sentenced to 86 years in prison on charges of shooting at her American interrogators in Afghanistan. Her family back in Pakistan and many other people believe that charges against Dr Afia are simply fabricated. They have long been seeking her release from the US custody.  And

Karachi (Press release) The recent rumors of death that spread like wildfire appear to be a preplanned conspiracy. Talking on a private TV channel talk show she disclosed the hardships the family had to endure over the past nine years. However the tremendous support and growing international awareness is a source of inspiration and has shown that Aafia.s case is human at its core and universal in appeal. The phenomenal turnout during the recent 4th of July Free Aafia Appeal postcards complain during which

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