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!! Letters of Support To Pardon Aafia !!

Dear All,

Our attorneys Stephen Downs and Kathy Manley are filing a commutation petition for our sister Aafia.For this to succeed they need as many letters to support the his to pardon Aafia.Or mail directly to kathy Manley at the address given below the sample letters.We need as many as possible.Looking forward to thousands of responses Respond and stay blessed .Below are three sample letters please use your own words in the format given and no longer than 2 pages and email me signed letter on:drfowzia@hotmail.com & aafiamovement@yahoo.com or you can call +923332148780 or +923322214092 for details and delivery methodes

Let Us Unite to Free Dr. Aafia


An urgent initiative, launched by the family campaign Aafia Movement, requests that supporters send postcards to the US President House, calling for the release of Aafia Siddiqui in this Christmis.
We request all postcards are sent by 25th December 2012 with regard to christmis day.Simply sign the cards – pre-printed with a message and the relevant address – affix a stamp and post!

Simply sign the cards – pre-printed with a message and the relevant address – affix a stamp and post!
Post cards do not require a return address.


We encourage all those who have written to her in the past and those whom would like too for the first time to send her a card,and show Dr. Aafia that she has your moral support. The address is:

Dr. Aafia’s family is working with groups around the world to secure funding and continue the legal defense and advocacy for Dr. Aafia, including investigations into the disappearance of her children and the fate of young Suleman who is still missing after almost eight years.

P.O. BOX 27137

In Pakistan: Aafia Movement – for details see website link here Please remember that legal defense funds are safe, practical and effective!“Ms. Siddiqui was allegedly subject to unlawful imprisonment and interrogation and following her ordeal was deported to the United States to face charges of attacking her captors.”

Please DO NOT DISCUSS HER LEGAL CASE, POLITICAL ISSUES OR SIMILAR ISSUES.Here is a sample message that will easily fit on a post card and get to Aafia:Dear Aafia,We believe you. We are praying for you and your children and your mother.God be with You.

The Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) is no longer involved with funding for Dr. Aafia’s case and any monies donated to them will not go towards any aspect of Dr. Aafia’s case.The family have requested that MLFA kindly cease to use Dr. Aafia’s case, her name, statements or any statement from family members for their fund raising activities in order to avoid confusion among potential donors.

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