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EID GREETINGS – From The Family of Dr. Aafia


A message to all friends, sincere supporters and people of conscience everywhere:
Last Eid at this time we were all gifted by the successful completion of the White House petition for Aafia's release. The White House promises a response if 100,000 people sign a petition in 30 days. However, as we have witnessed promises do not mean action. Another year gone by and Aafia still languishes in solitary confinement in an SHU at Carswell. A year has gone by with no contact with her. 
We are Aafia's family and we wish to extend our warmest wishes as the festivities of Eid start. We want to thank each one of you for extending to Aafia and to us, her family, the hand of friendship during this trying and difficult time.
Thank you for your efforts, your prayers and your words of comfort to each member of our family. And, praise be to God for all He has done by bringing such blessings into our lives through each one of you.
We will not lose hope so long as our faith in God and the light of your brave hearts burns brightly for Aafia and for us.
All we can offer in return is a prayer that God bless each of you and your loved ones and may you live your lives in peace, freedom and prosperity.
"The Family of Dr. Aafia."

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