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Pakistani mother Aafia completes 12 years in detention

Pakistani mother Aafia completes 12 years in detention


Karachi, March 30: The nation was too busy in the bickering of their foul-mouthed politicians when the Pakistani mother, Dr Aafia Siddiqui, silently completed 12 long years of her detention in a US jail on Monday, March 30.


 Sadly, during these twelve years no Pakistani government even bothered to officially request the US administration for the repatriation of Aafia.


The noted Pakistani women scientist and educationalist was abducted along with her minor children from Karachi, sold for the US dollar. She spent many years in unknown jails and later a foreign woman journalist wrote that she was detained in an Afghan jail. When the human rights organizations in whole world raised voice for her detention, she was trafficked to the United States of America, where after a sham trial she was handed 86-year jail term for a crime she never committed. Her two kidnapped children were later released by the unknown kidnappers near the house of their grandmother in Karachi, while her third child, who could be said as the youngest missing person of the world, is still missing.


Aafia Movement Pakistan leader Dr Fowzia Siddiqui has shown dismay over the silence of Pakistan civil and military leadership, political parties and general public on the issue of Aafia detention. She said it is a sheer injustice that the Pakistani government can facilitate in release of foreign spy agents and even the killers of Pakistanis but it is doing nothing to secure the release and repatriation of the daughter of the nation.  She appealed the Pakistani nation to mount pressure on the rulers for taking serious efforts to secure the repartition of Aafia.


Issued by: Aafia Movement Pakistan

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