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Doctor Aafia and American senseless brutality Professor Zia Ur Rahman.

Doctor Aafia and American senseless brutality Professor Zia Ur Rahman.  
The American senate report on CIA torture has again unmasked the falsehood of claims by the Human Rights champion USA. One year ago I had gone to Afghanistan and visited the province par-dan. There I met a former Bagram jail prisoner. This 55year old afghan gentleman Sohrab Khan spent five years in Bagram jail for a crime not committed. Sohrab khan described his ordeal that in 2003 he was in his car going towards Kabul when suddenly 4 army vehicles surrounded his car and CIA mercenaries came out and without saying anything pulled him out into their car and took him into a barrack in Bagram jail. Later he found out that due to faulty intelligence they thought he was an informant for the Taliban. Sohrab khan said when he was dumped in Bagram there were only two blocks named main floor and "Caspian". These blocks had a capacity of 500 prisoners but there were already eight hundred stuffed like flocks of lamb. Most of these prisoners were innocent Afghans who were captured on suspicion of havering contact with the Taliban or acting as helpers and informants. Sohrab told me that daily dozens of people were dumped in the barracks and there was no space.  
Later new blocks were built. Then special housing units with tiny cells were also made to accommodate special prisoners including persons from Europe, Arabian countries and Pakistan were kept in suspicion of al-Qaida. Sohrab khan then told me that in late 2003 in one of the special cells we noticed a woman whom we later identified as Aafia Siddiqui. He told me that during his five years he met Aafia briefly four times and he comforted her as much he could. Sohrab then told me stuff on how the CIA and American agents treated Aafia. On hearing these head started constricting and blood pressure rose to dangerously high and I am still not recovered. Though I was familiar with Investigative reports, columns, news features, and TV programs on Dr. Aafia but what I heard from this man who had personally witnessed all this, ripped me apart. Tears swelled in my eyes and my soul subdued. Dr Aafia Siddiqui was put there by no other than her own countryman who had sworn to protect every citizen with his life. Framing and Selling his Own Muslim brothers to American mercenaries, this dictator General Pervez Musharraf will never be forgiven in history.  
Responding to one of my questions Sohrab khan said in 2005 some American soldiers came and took Aafia in a helicopter three days later when she returned she was not on her feet but on a stretcher. We were told she had been taken to an American navy base in the Arabian Sea close to Karachi port, where to gather information she was brutally tortured. Every night we would hear horrifying screams that made us all cry. Sohrab mentioned another episode he witnessed that one day as usual we could hear Aafia was reciting Quran an American lady soldier came and told her to shut up but she continued at this the furious brutal American lady guard grabbed Aafia and tied her to a chair and forced open her mouth and poured beer into her throat till she chocked. In retaliation to this shameful act all prisoners went on hunger strike. When a senior officer found out about this incident he announced the transfer of that female guard and we ended the hunger strike.   

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