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A young forgotten sister from Karachi – Dr. Aafia Siddiqui ?

Letters to Editor.
No commitment to Truth of the government
Referring to the recently published report of the US Senate Intelligence Committee on the recent history of torture by the CIA the Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam in her weekly briefing is reported to have said: “We deplore the systematic torture of the detainees at various locations by the CIA. She further said that ‘no nationalities are mentioned in the report so she was unaware if any Pakistani had been tortured.’
What kind of lie is that? Doesn’t Mrs. Aslam know about how many of the tortured have been apprehended in Pakistan by Pakistani authorities and handed over by the same Pakistani authorities to the CIA well aware what would be their cruel fate in American custody? Abu Zubaida, a Saudi member of al Qaida, is among them,  Ramzi Bin al-Shibh and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – all apprehended in Pakistan with the knowledge and approval of a Pakistani government. The details of their torture have been now published in the US report.
The most shameful chapter in this Pakistani story is of course the case of Dr. Afia Siddiqi who was abducted by Pakistani agency while going to airport from her mothers home in the early hours of the day with her children and given into the brutal hands of Americans. For years and years her family was kept in the dark about this horrible deed of Pakistani state authorities and she herself and her innocent underage children were left at the mercy of American wagabounds. While her youngest child was killed her two elder children are left deeply traumatized by the American ‘custody’. How can Mrs. Aslam deny or forget the fate of this Pakistani citizen, a woman like herself, a mother, an academician?
The Pakistani state and the Pakistani nation will never find peace if these misdeeds of the government are pushed under the carpet. Until today Dr. Afia is in US detention serving an 86 year ‘sentence’ by a US kangro court – the quality of American ‘Justice’ is well known to all. Successive Pakistani governments have failed to free Dr. Afia, arrange an exchange with the American CIA agent and murderer Raymond Davis for instance or something else. Standing in front of the camera and deploring the systematic torture of detainees in nothing but hypocracy on the part of Mrs. Aslam and the government of Pakistan.
Yours etc.
Ali Ashraf Khan
Karachi / Pakistan
Tel: 03414427098    December 11, 2014


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