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Dollar vs Honor: Govt urged to prefer national pride to foreign aid : dr.fowzia

Nation opposes release of Afridi, demands repatriation of Aafia: Fowzia Siddiqui

Karachi, January 25: The government of Mian Nawaz Sharif should prefer the national honor to the US aid, reject the pressure for releasing Dr Shakil Afridi and instead demand an early release and repatriation of Pakistani mother Dr Aafia Siddiqui, said Aafia MovementPakistan leader Dr Fowzia Siddiqui in a statement here Saturday.

She said now it is the choice between the US dollars and the national honor and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government should prefer the latter, as all proud and upright nations always prefer their national honor to any other consideration.

She said if the PML-N government released the man wanted to the USA for the sake of dollars the history would not forgive it. She said Mian Nawaz Sharif should remember his promise made with the mother of Dr Aafia that she would get the New Year gift in the shape of Aafia release. He should also remember his promise made with Maryam daughter of Dr Aafia, as he had said that for him she was like his own daughter Maryam.

Dr Fowzia said Sartaj Aziz should also remember that he had pledged that Dr Aafia would be home within 90 days; however, 120 days have already passed and Aafia is still in the US prison.

She said the nation was being hoodwinked that the repatriation of Aafia would be sought through the European Council treaty, adding Aafia could never be repatriated under such a treaty. She said 11 years have already passed with the daughter of the nation in foreign captivity and now the cup of patience of Pakistani nation is becoming overfilled.

She appealed the governments of the United States of America and Pakistan to review the Aafia Siddiqui case with humanitarian angle, considering the rights of women, mothers and re-unions of families. She hoped that an early release of Aafia would usher in a new era of closer and warmer people-to-people relations between the two nations.

Issued by: Aafia Movement Pakistan

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