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23 September 2013 | Aafia Movement shares the grief of our Christian Pakistanis

Today we stand here at Karachi Press Club in solidarity with our Pakistani Christian brothers who have been a victim of yesterdays brutal bomb blast in a Church in KPK. Our state is becoming more and more dangerous with bomb blasts in Mosques, Imam-Bargahs and now Church. "This is so terrible,  I hope the government will take action against the killers. I think this is the work of mercenaries like Raymond davis to sabotage inter faith harmony that we Pakistanis have enjoyed for years."

This was stated by Aafia movement convener Dr Fowzia here at a condolence meeting held in solidarity with the grieving Christian community.

Father Justin of the Methodist Church Karachi, Padri Justin Bhatti, Padri Aelflant Nazeer & George Alford with others Padris expressed grief and anger over this incident and said we all want to live in harmony and pray for Pakistan. They thanked Aafia movement and said we are all united here in search of justice safety and security.

Dr Azra said that this is a very sad time for us as Pakistani. We have to make peace work. We need to unite as Pakistani. We are with our Christian Brothers and sisters in this moment of sorrow and offer our deepest sympathies to the families and loved ones of those injured and killed."

Basharat of Aafia Movement & Syed Muhammad Jibran said we extend our heartfelt sympathies with our Christian Brothers and sisters and the members of the bereaved families. "We strongly condemn such acts of terrorism in all forms and manifestations.

The protestors demanded the Government and Police to take action against the responsible of the incidents and arrest the culprits immediately; the legal action should be taken against the insurgents who took law into their own hands.

In sympathy and solidarity, 

Dr.Fowzia Siddiqui



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