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World powers not sincere to peace: Dr Fowzia

KARACHI (   ): Today when the world is celebrating the international peace day, wars, conflicts and bloodbaths have engulfed many areas of the globe. This is because the world powers are not sincere to the cause of peace. The world leaders only talk about peace but avoid taking solid actions for giving the world peace, said noted human rights activist and leader of Aafia Movement Pakistan Dr Fowzia Siddiqui here.

In a statement on the occasion of International Peace Day, she said today the whole world is praying and wishing for peace and harmony, but the sad reality is that there is too much talk of peace but too little actions by the world powers to bring peace. She said we live in an era with serious challenges to human security, basic human rights and social justice. There is chaos and lawlessness everywhere. Political workers, social and human rights activists, media people are being murdered and disappeared, but the State is doing nothing. It has kept a mum over the basic public issues. Dr Fowzia regretted the cases of rapes and gang-rapes have rapidly increased across the Pakistan. Children and teen girls are being molested with impunity. Despite of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and other laws of land, as well as, international conventions like CRC aiming at to protect children and teens from all sort of human rights violations, these young people are a soft target of criminals, crooks and lawbreakers. All these laws practically are just pieces of papers, useless for the common man due to their lack of implementation.

She said the state and government have demonstrated less concern about the issues related to the poor people and common citizens. \\\"When our daughters like Sumbul are humiliated and Aafia sold to foreign masters, the talk of Peace seems like a joke.\\\" She said murderers like Raymond Davis walk free and foreign spies are released. She said criminals are being freed in the name of peace, but the innocent people like Dr Aafia Siddiqui left to rot in foreign jails, which shows that rulers need to walk their talk. Aafia Movement leader said the law and order situation has taken the worst shape in the history of Pakistan. As a result, cases of targeted killings, kidnapping on ransom and other heinous crimes are repeatedly happening. Fowzia said today when the world is observing the international peace day, the world leaders should go for an honest soul searching and end useless bloody wars slapped on poorer nations to keep them subjugated and loot and plunder their resources. She said today we all must say No to war and take efforts individually and collectively to give our societies a lasting peace.



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