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Fauzia Siddiqui withdraws from NA-250 after Musharraf’s disqualification

Musharraf’s ouster my ‘unopposed win’: Fowzia

-Requests the caretaker prime minister to play his role for Aafia release

Press Release

Karachi, April 23: Dr Fowzia Siddiqui has said that the ouster of dictator Gen Musharraf was her ‘unopposed win’.

She said she is grateful to Allah, the Almighty, as she had challenged dictator Musharraf and he was ousted from the election arena and defeated even before any vote was cast. She said she has withdrawn her nomination from NA-250 Karachi as she considers it her unopposed winner.

Dr Fowzia said her decision to fight election was not in favor or against any political party. She said she does not belong to politics. She said she has withdrawn her nomination paper not in favor of any political party but in favor of the people of Pakistan, because the identity of Dr Aafia Siddiqui is being a Pakistani: a representative of the deprived and oppressed people of Pakistan.

She said she only wanted to challenge the dark era of Gen Musharraf so as to awaken the conscious of Pakistani nation. Now as her opponent has been rejected due to his misdeeds, she feels it better to withdraw her nomination papers.

She said the last two governments did nothing for the cause of Dr Aafia release. They just showed a criminal negligence and missed sure chances of return and repatriation of Aafia. She said our rulers sent back CIA contractor Raymond Davis to the USA despite he killed three innocent Pakistanis, but Aafia is still languishing in a jail cell of the US.

She said the USA wanted to repatriate Aafia, but sadly the Pakistani rulers are not ready to hold dialogue in this regard. She said the main hurdle is not the US government but sadly the Pakistani rulers.

She regretted that those political parties who chant the mantra that Aafia is the daughter of the nation have kept on mum on the issue of Dr Aafia and they are reluctant to talk about her release in their electioneering. She asked if this is not the worst example of political opportunism.

She requested the caretaker prime minister not to commit the same mistake and instead take action for ensuring early release and repatriation of Aafia. She said the matter of Aafia has been lingering for last 10 years and the caretaker government could get a credit by resolving it amicably.

She said all legal formalities for Aafia release and repatriation have already been completed, and now it just needs a firm commitment and political will. She reminded that in writing of a draft for Aafia repatriation the caretaker minister Bilal Ahmed Sufi has already played a laudable role and now it just require one signature of the caretaker prime minister.

She also requested the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take a suo moto notice, so that an innocent Pakistani citizen could be saved from unnecessary imprisonment in the USA.

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