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Rejection of Musharraf appeal boost to cause of Aafia, other missing persons: Fowzia Siddiqui

Says hopes of missing persons’ families renewed, thanks democratic forces for unwavering support

Karachi, April 15:  The rejection of the appeal of Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf for his candidature from NA-250 Karachi is a big victory of missing persons’ families and the cause of Aafia Siddiqui, and has rekindled the hope of early release and repatriation of innocent daughter of the nation and recovery and release of all missing persons of Pakistan, said Dr Fowzia Siddiqui of Aafia Movement Pakistan here Monday.

Commenting on the rejection of the appeal of dictator who wanted to fight election against her on NA-250, she praised the decision of the election tribunal of Sindh High Court, saying it upheld the constitution and supremacy of law. She hoped that not only Aafia but also all other missing persons will be soon returned to their loved ones.

 She said that as the army chief Musharraf had sworn to protect every citizen of Pakistan and uphold the constitution. However, instead discharging these constitutional responsibilities he went for selling our own people and trafficking Pakistani mothers and daughters. “When our defenders shun due process insecurity and fear prevails, resulting in chaos, corruption and street crime, as faith in law enforcement diminishes.”

Dr Fowzia said due to misdeeds of dictator the army we love and die for is ridiculed, and the police who risk their lives to keep us safe are disrespected. This grave injustice and our current instability is the direct result of anti-Pakistan policies of Gen. Musharraf’s era, she said adding the drones, the missing persons, the bounty hunters, and various acts of treason are the bitter fruits of wrong decisions of the dictator.

Musharraf-challenger Dr Fowzia recalled that recently the dictator admitted stating whoever sold Aafia was a traitor, and the act of treason occurred during his tenure. She said the statements of former prime minister Mir Zafarullah Jamali that “when I asked about Aafia President Musharraf told me to remain silent…” and Khursheed Raza Kasuri: “I am so sorry for handing over innocent Aafia. It was my biggest mistake ever” tell the true story. She hoped now the Supreme Court will take the long awaited suo moto action for the repatriation of Aafia.

Dr Fowzia said Aafia's cause is the litmus test forour  politicians and their resolve to uphold the dignity and honour of Pakistan, “I am very grateful to all the political parties and their leaders who have in the past expressed their support for the release of Aafia. Now is the time that I request all of them collectively and each one of them individually to please support, guide and include daughter of the nation and your sister Aafia’s release in your election manifesto. I am hopeful those claiming change will challenge status quo.”

She also thanked the foreign delegations and international support and the overseas Pakistani who have backed her candidacy. She added: “Aafia Movement & I feel very grateful for the support we always received from both electronic and print media. Their efforts & involvement helped us ably champion the Aafia release cause not only nationally but internationally. Since it is the election fever time I request all scholars, columnists  writers, commentators, news anchors to kindly impress upon masses as well political leaders to put Aafia’s release on pedestal in their manifesto  and people to make their vote conditional with support for the release of Aafia and all other missing persons. “

Issued by Aafia Movement Pakistan

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