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Dr.Fowzia Siddiqui fill the nomination form for NA-250

Karachi, March 30: Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, the sister of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, on Saturday filed nomination papers on NA-250 Karachi to contest polls against the model dictator of Pakistan, Gen (retd) Musharraf.

Talking to media on the occasion, Dr Fauzia said by challenging dictator Musharraf she is reviving the tradition of mother of the nation Fatima Jinnah. She said Fatima Jinnah had boldly contested polls against Gen Ayub. She said I am also the daughter of nation and by challenging Musharraf I am bring back to life the pro-democracy tradition of the Madar-e-Millat. She predicted that defeat would be the fate of Musharraf.

Dr Fauzia said the whole nation knows Musharraf as a symbol of oppression, coercion, exploitation, cruelty and enmity to democracy and justice. She said at this crucial time of general elections the real face of Musharraf is fully unveiled before the people. She said let us see the response of the democratic forces.

She said the so-called war on terror has given Pakistan bitter fruits of human trafficking, missing persons, terrorism, price hike and joblessness. It has robbed our respect and national honor. She said dictator Musharraf also belittled our security forces and with the defeat of Musharraf their morale would be enhanced. She said this is why she decided to challenge the dictator.

Dr Fauzia said we have entered the arena to uphold justice, independence; to defend the honor of judiciary, promoting the hidden talent of our youth, restoration of national organizations, and rule of merit, peace and national honor.

She said she is not just fighting the case of innocent Aafia, but also of each and every man and woman of Pakistan, who were mistreated, dehorned, trafficked, kidnapped and killed, whose right to life and property was usurped. She said she would fight for giving justice to these deprived and exploited Pakistanis. She hoped that the nation would fully support her and a shameful defeat would be the fate of dictator.

Senior advocate Syed Abdul Waheed and a large number of civil society members including lawyers, social workers, human rights activists and citizens were present.

Issued by: Aafia Movement Pakistan


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