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US activists seek Afia’s release

ATTOCK, Dec 6: Dr Fouzia Siddiqui along with two American human rights activists on Thursday visited Attock in connection with her movement to get her sister Dr Afia Siddiqui released from the US detention.

She visited Attock on the invitation of Pakistan Medical Association. Speaking at a press conference, Dr Fouzia said former US congressperson Cynthia McKinney and International Action Centre’s co-director Sara Flounders arrived in Pakistan a few days back in support of the ongoing “Free Afia movement.” She alleged that the government of Pakistan had even not seriously demanded the US government to repatriate her sister.

“So my family and I started the struggle for release of Afia, which has now become a movement with the participation of people from all walks of life not only in Pakistan but also in the US and other countries,” she said.

She added: “I believe in God’s help and the support of the people and hope that one day my sister will return home.”

She thanked the civil society for extending its support to her family over her sister’s detention.

Speaking on the occasion, the US visitors said they had come to Pakistan to help the movement in getting Dr Afia released from her solitary confinement in the US prison.

“We and other international human and justice rights activists are with the family and showing solidarity with them as it is now an international humanitarian issue,” they remarked. They also asked the Pakistan government to properly place the demand before the US government for her release In reply to a question, Ms Flounders said the US claims of being champion of human rights and justice had been exposed after the illegal detention of Dr Afia.

Both the US nationals urged the people to continue their demonstrations and protests for the release of Dr Siddiqui.

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