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Sara, Cynthia press govt level push for Afia release

Friday, December 07, 2012 – Peshawar—The International Action Centre (IAC) President Sara Flounders and the US Congress ex-member for six times Cynthia McKenney have urged the Pakistan’s government to write a letter to the US government for release of Afia Siddiqui. “Afia Siddiqui was sentenced for 86 years of no guilty as no crime was proved in the court of America against her,” Sara Flounders claimed here at a press conference at Press Club on Thursday. It is pertinent to say that Sara Flounders who herself was present in the court during trial of Afia Siddiui.

Afia Siddiqui, she added that had not been given right to speak for her defence in the court but when she tried to speak that she was innocent, was gaged forcefully. “She was convicted for no crime, who herself was wounded. This is the court of US wherein there is no justice for Afia,” she expressed sympathy with Dr Aafia SIddiqui. “She was and is being tortured in isolation as she in a very plight condition,” Ms Flounders lamented that government of Pakistan was least bothered about its citizen imprisoned in US.

Lashing out at War on Terror policy of the US, Cynthia McKenney said that American’s policies regarding war is not good, in which innocent people including children, women and other fall prey to bombings. The war, she further said dangerous weapons including chemical and uranium was being used. I paid visits to Libya, Gaza and other countries to apologize from the people of those states against the US wrong policies regarding war and now came to Pakistan to seek apology in this regard.

Both the foreigners of human rights activists claimed that Afia Siddiqui could be returned to her native land Pakistan very easily through just an official letter but it depends on the Pakistani government. “Pakistan’s government is not serious to bring back Afia from America by writing a letter,” they lamented. They, therefore, appealed to the rulers of Pakistan to take the matter serious and try their best for release of Afia saying she is the daughter of all Pakistani.

Sister of imprisoned Dr Afia Siddiqui, Dr Fauzia Siddiqui on the occasion criticized the government for its failure to write to the US government for her sister release. The Prime Minister of the country assured me for the letter to US and a high level committee was also formed since August 2012, which she added did not conduct even a meeting in this regard.

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