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Daughters tortured and leaders bowing down to injustice is not the Bhutto legacy – Dr. Fowzia

Free Aafia Week Began in Karachi with special US guests Hon. Cynthia McKinney, former 6-time US Congresswoman and Ms. sara Fliuders of the International Action Center and renowned activist.

Aafia lives in the hearts of the people we are committed to her release – Sara Flounders

We have come to Pakistan to urge the Pakistani Leadership to repatriate Aafia – Cynthia McKinney

These were comments that highlighted the Beginning of Free Aafia Week with Honorable Cynthia McKinney and Sara Flounders. 
Sentiments were high as a huge rally started its procession from NIPA, thru Sohrab Goth into Baacha Khan Chowk where the women and local leaders address a swarm of thousands of Aafia’s  supporters. 
During the address Dr. Aafia's sister Dr. Fowzia said that Aafia’s   release is as simple as a signature by President or Premier. 
Daughters tortured and leaders bowing down to injustice is not the Bhutto legacy. Bhutto stands for justice and women honor and dignity. In an emotional Plea she addressed Bilawal, Benazir Bhotto's son Bilawal Zardari, if your mother were alive Aafia would not be in jail, she said Aafia is the daughter of Pakistan. Her Freedom is obligatory and a debt on Pakistani leadership. No ifs, ands or buts.
The respected guests Cynthia McKinney a former Congress woman and six terms in the house of representatives and Sara Flounders president of International Action Center (IAC) said that we are amazed at the reception we received, at 4am hundreds of people, women and children can stand in the cold to receive us. Aafia rules the hearts of people. What is wrong with the leaders? When in America we hear about the injustice on Aafia our hearts bleeds and we Protest.
We are here only for Aafia and to urge the urgency of her repatriation. I will talk to anyone anywhere who can help bring her back. It is a grave injustice that needs to be fixed every second is a shame said Ms. McKinney.

The gathering is the 6th of the series of Karwan-e-ghairat and each one more massive than previous.


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