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Aafia’s message is one of forgiveness and peace Dr.Fowzia Siddiqui address a mammoth gathering at Ajmeir Nagri

Dr. Fowzia addressing a mammoth gathering at Ajmeir Nagri

Dr. Aafia’s sister Dr. Fowzia while addressing a mammoth gathering at Ajmeir Nagri – New Karachi under the auspices of Karawan-e-great said that “Pakistan is on a verge of nervous breakdown.  And the nation is suffering from a chronic depression resulting from daily loss of innocent lives leading to instability and chaos. When issues like Aafia are left to dwell in injustice then value of the Green Passport loses its worth shamelessly implying that our mothers and daughters are for sale. Yet we remain silent. It is this inferiority complex that generates corruption and allows foreign powers to violate our sovereignty.”

She further elaborated “The need is to revive our honor and dignity, unite and move forward. A dignified nation can never be corrupt and respects its women and children”.  

Aafia’s message is one of forgiveness and peace. Aafia’s struggle is a matter of National Honor. Until we revive our honor Karawan-e-ghairat will continue.

We have to learn from Aafia whose greatness lies in the fact that she forgave everyone including the judge. This judge sentenced innocent Aafia for 86 years in solitary confinement in a trial that now all legal experts including former Attorney General Hon. Mr. Ramsey Clark term as a travesty of justice. Aafia’s parting words after hearing the court order were “PLEASE NO VIOLENCE IN MY NAME. I FORGIVE.”

Sheikh Shakeel Ahmed organizer Karawan-e-Ghairat lamented the government and asked “Why the American soldiers who shot Aafia in cold blood were not court marshaled? Why Ahmed and Maryam’s captors roam free, while innocent people are targeted and killed every day? Today the Western civil societies’ and peace activists have united in solidarity with Aafia Movement Globally. This issue has transcended all borders because it is an issue that stands for peace, justice and freedom with forgiveness as Aafia’s legacy.

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