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Human Rights Network Pakistan awarded Dr. Aafia Siddiqui with the title " Khatoon e Istaqamat"

Karachi (       ) The Human Rights Network Pakistan on the o 2nd Anniversary of the Barbaric 86 year sentence and 9 years of illegal confinement  awarded Dr. Aafia Siddiqui with the title " Khatoon e Istaqamat"  the Woman of steadfast courage.
The shield was presented to Dr. Aafia's sister Dr. Fowzia, who in her speech said, Aafia is the Daughter of the Nation, the Pride of Pakistan, the SITARA-E-GHAIRAT, the Dignity of the Ummah, Daughter of Humanity, goes on but "I ask  the Nation and the Ummah and humanitarians where are you ? Such grave injustice and I see no practical Will to correct it? She lamented the government that is there not one person who calls himself a leader able to stand up and demand their daughter and bring her back. Nations that trade their daughters are disgraced and very soon loose their rightful place on the world map. Aafia's support has increased immensely since Judge Berman's open bias and injustice of 86 years and American Justice System is being openly mocked." She thanked the HRN for acknowledging Aafia's Plight and expressed hope that their support and efforts will help in the release of Dr. Aafia.

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