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If the Pak-Government take decision seriously than Aafia come back in two days .US Sen. Mike Gravel

Former US presidential candidate and two term US Senator, Mike Gravel, said that if the Pakistani Government takes serious and practical steps, Dr. Aafia can be "back in 2 days".  He made these remarks after visting with the family of Dr. Aafia at their home in Karachi, Pakistan.  The Former Senator is currently visiting Pakistan accompanied by Dr. Aafia's lawyer, Ms. Tina Foster.The purpose of the visit is to emphasize to the Pakistani government the options availabe to secure Dr. Aafia's release and the simple steps the government has to take to initiate the process.  To date, no formal steps have been taken by the Pakistani government despite countless statements to the media by officials ranging from the Prime Minister down to foreign office bureaucrats and diplomats.     



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