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Aafia lives in peoples’ heart. I will talk to American officials for her immediate release.Ramsey Clark

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Pakistani government should write a letter to President Obama for the release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui – Ramsey Clark

She lives in peoples’ heart. I will talk to American officials for her immediate release. 

Karachi – Former Attorney General of USA Hon. Ramsey Clark has said that Aafia is an icon in Pakistan and there are high emotions of sad and anger among the masses because of her plight. The Pakistani government should show their sentiments and write a letter to President Obama for her early release.

While addressing a hurriedly called press conference at the Quaid-e-Azam Intl. Airport Karachi before his departure, he further said that his tour was very much successful and he saw sentiment s for Aafia in each and every nook and corner of Karachi and Islamabad where ever he visited. There were huge turnouts of the people chanting slogans in her favor and against Pakistani and American Governments’ cold attitude towards her ordeal.

He said that Aafia is a Pakistani national, and her  trial in USA is a gross violation of all International laws. Both governments should work jointly and find a solution for her immediate release. She must be in her country with her children without any further delay.

The deteriorating relations b/w the two countries can also be improved by releasing her as this is the main and vital obstacle in the path.

Before his departure, he also visited Aafia’s home and met her mother Ismat Siddiqui and appreciated her courage and determination in getting her daughter’s release. He also promised that he will aware the US govt. and media about the sentiments which run among the masses.

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