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Aafia's Dream was an Educated Pakistan : Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui

Karachi (Press release) The recent rumors of death that spread like wildfire appear to be a preplanned conspiracy. Talking on a private TV channel talk show she disclosed the hardships the family had to endure over the past nine years. However the tremendous support and growing international awareness is a source of inspiration and has shown that Aafia.s case is human at its core and universal in appeal. The phenomenal turnout during the recent 4th of July Free Aafia Appeal postcards complain during which every political and social parties offered their unconditional support was reassuring that Aafia will return. She said the American Embassy has acknowledged receiving thousands of cards. We are hopeful that America will respond to the voice and heartfelt feelings of the people of Pakistan. On answering a question she responded Aafia is a Pakistani Citizen only and under no Law could she be tried in USA but our government not only let the trial happen but also became Party. Aafia was not allowed lawyers of her choice. She thanked the media the people of Pakistan and all the peace lover of the world whose prayers and support in conveying Aafia's plight resulted in the recent phone calls we received and expressed sorrow over the recent rumors which were very painful for the family. Preliminary investigations are pointing towards a preplanned conspiracy.

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