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4rth July : Americans greeted,reminded of Aafia plights.

Today on behalf of the Aafia Movement and the worldwide Global Free Aafia Campaign, Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui wishes the American people a very happy 4th of July. On this day of freedom celebrations she reminded the people and the leaders of America values of peace, justice, mercy and freedom. These were the values which made America great.

She expressed sorrow for the deaths in Washington DC area resulting from the treacherous storms making this freedom day serious and thought provoking.

Millions of postcard wishing America a happy 4th of July and carrying the following message “THIS IS THE BIRTHDAY MESSAGE OF PEACE & JUSTICE TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FROM THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD – “FREE DR. AAFIA SIDDIQUI NOW! – THE WORLD IS WATCHING – LET FREEDOM RING” have been sent to US State Department C/O Respective American Embassy.

The support from the public was phenomenal and shows that this is a unified demand not only from the Muslim community but humanity in general. All the socio-political groups that heard of this campaign actively supported it. The card in printable format was given on the website, and thousands of people from across the globe downloaded and posted with their comments. The Pakistan post offices were flooded with thousands of Post Cards. The post masters at various GPOs requested more help due to the overwhelming number of cards pouring in. Most of the post offices in Karachi ran-out of the RS 2 and 5 stamps.

She thanked all supporters around the globe who participated with enthusiasm and zeal in the free Aafia post card campaign. She implored the various embassies around the world to convey the message of humanitarians united for peace, justice and freedom to release Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. This would be a great gesture of goodwill and friendship and act of mercy that can take America a long way forward in building friendship ties in Muslim lands.


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