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News Paper Update to rebut rumour of Aafia’s death.

The Embassy of Pakistan here on Wednesday strongly denied rumours that Dr Afia Siddiqui had died in a US prison. Earlier rumors about her health and well being started circulating via Twitter and cell phone messages. Pakistan’s embassy and consulate in Houston confirmed that authorities were in regular contact with the prison officials at FMC Carswell, Texas, where Dr Afia is serving her life sentence. The jail officials added that Dr Afia was not only well but was also in regular telephone contact with her family.
According to authorities: “Dr Aafia last telephoned her family in Pakistan just yesterday (Tuesday, 19 June 2012). An embassy statement said that the Pakistan Consulate General in Houston visits Dr Siddiqui regularly, and the last such visit took place in April this year, while her brother also visited her in prison. “The Embassy and the Consulate General continue to remain engaged with the prison authorities to ensure Dr Siddiqui’s well being.”

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