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"Childrens Day 1st June 2012" Dr Aafia childrens Protest at Karachi Press Club


                   Press Release                                                                           

                          Dated: 01-06-2012


UNO, where is our baby brother ? What crime did baby Sulaiman commit ?

Why is our innocent mother locked up, when killers, criminals and spies walk free ?

“We want just ice!” Demanded Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s children during a protest on

international children’s day.


Karachi (      ) : During a heart touching protest Pakistan’s daughter Aafia Siddiqui’s children appealed to the united nations and asked what was their crime? Where is their baby brother? We don’t even know if he is alive.

Uncle Zardari, uncle Obama and all the leaders of the world, celebrating Children’s day today, are we not children, why were we deprived of our childhood ? Do we have no rights ? President Obama is this how you disregard American born children, who are not living in USA ? While the world celebrates yet another children’s day we watch how slogans are raised but more and of us are created. We are sad today, because no one cares, said Ahmad and his friends during the protest. They were standing with placards saying we deserve justice too, where is baby Sulaiman?



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