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Karwan e gherat Jalsa at liyari cheel chowk 20th May 2012

Dr Fowzia addressng Liyari people.

Dr Fowzia Addressing to a huge crowd ghathered under Karwan e Gherat here at cheel Chowk Liyari , Karachi.

If BiBi shaheed were alive, would this shameful operation have occurred? Would Aafia still be languishing in America?

While president Zardari is in USA, let us pray he portrays the sentiments of his supporters and bring back Dr. Aafia as he brought Dr. Khalil Chishti from India.

The out pour and response of Lyarians in thousands is the silver lining to Lyari`s dark cloud.

Dr. Fauzia sister of Pride of Pakistan, daughter of the Nation Dr. Aafia, while addressing a huge gathering of karwan-e-Ghairat, Aafia Movement, where more than 25000 people participated said,

Lyari,is  not only a town, but a mini Pakistan. The people of lyari are known for their bravery, loyalty and sensitivity. A people full of promise and ambition, a people that when pledged their support sacrificed everything, from self to family.

She further said, History is witness that these people do not succumb to pressure, do not bow down to violence. They have shown and proven their baluchi proverb, “Hoo’n go’n hoona shodag nabet” . you can’t wash blood with blood.

The karwan-e ghairat has arrived in Lyari on its fourth stop onwards and will continue till we unite against injustice, torture and undue raid operations, kidnappings and state brutality. “When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.

I have come to Lyari, because these people feel my pain, like me and our family they too have suffered, like Aafia they have remained steadfast and though they remained loyal and are poor but never sold out,  just like Aafia they too have been repeatedly sold , used and manipulated. Was it not Lyari that gave Bhutto Shaheed the keys to Pakistan, was it not the lyarieans who sacrificed their lives in the welcome procession of Shaheed Benazir on Shahrah e Faisal. I wonder if Bibi shaheed were alive, would this shameful operation have occurred? would Aafia still be languishing in America? These are questions raised during this huge procession.

Today President Zardari is in Chicago, In America, will he portray the ghairat (honor and dignity) of his supporters, and demand the release of the daughter of the Nation ? Will he, like Dr. Shakeel Chishti request a humanitarian release of his suffering daughter like he did for Dr. Khalil Chishti ? Will he meet Aafia and ask how she is if he can do nothing else and tell her, my daughter I am sorry, I have failed you.

The karwane ghairat is here not for your votes, not for your money, not for your slogans, it is here to wake the lost dignity and honor that lives in your hearts, because without dignity we will always be subservient to others, like pathetic slaves. I want to remind you of the great heritage you come from. I want you to join hands, to raise your voice with mine and ask the leaders and politicians who come to you for votes to show results, tell them empty promises and hollow slogans no more, bring back our daughter, show where your loyalties are as we have shown ours. All I ask of you is to unite, is to reignite your courage ask for results not more promises. I come to you in solidarity as I trust you will not forsake me.

We want our brothers and sisters back we want freedom, peaces and justice, we want our lives back, this is our Pakistan, let us all stand up and sing the national anthem and show our solidarity with the daughter of the nation. At this the thousands stood up for the National Anthem and pledged solidarity with the Aafia Movement.

On this occasion Aafia Movement announced a series of competitions like the lyari football cup, boxing tournament, cycling race and educational programs to create a roadmap towards peace, harmony and an educated Lyari.

The program was attended by many dignitaries of Lyari, transport and Business sector and religious scolars, social workers and human rights activities addressed the rally. 

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