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Press Release on Mother's Day 13th May 2012.

Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui Talking to media at Press Club on Mother's Day.

Press-Release on Mother's Day

Today is mothers day, it is a day when we honor the women who brought us all into the world. As I speak here, Mrs. Gilani is having tea with her children, and Mrs. Obama will wake up to the best wishes from her girls.

These two women are married to men who have leading roles in addressing a series of our world's problems, collectively referred to as the War on Terror. This war is an imperfect response to a number of poorly defined but related issues.

Any problem that is this poorly defined is going to create solutions that range from mistakenly chosen to wrongful to sinful. Just Ask Bilawal, Bakhtawer and Asifa while they mourn their mother Benazir. Ask Ahmad and Maryam, whose mother, my sister Aafia, has been reduced to a voice on a fifteen minute telephone call from a prison cell once or twice a year. While you're at it, ask their little brother Suleman if you can find him. Ask my mother, ask the mothers of the enforced missing, the victims of drone….

All of these mothers are among the victims of the injustices that the War on Terror has produced. We cannot raise the dead, but we have the keys to the doors of the dungeons that hold those who are unjustly imprisoned. We have the keys to the chains that bind them. Do we have the will to use those keys?

On this Mother's Day I want to remind the First Ladies of the world that there is no pain worse than little children being snatched from their mother. To feel in their hearts this pain and stir their motherly affection to join hands with all mothers and turn the keys that will reunite Aafia's mother with her daughter, and Aafia's kids with their mom.

I want to read out a message from my mother to you all,

Dear Son’s and daughters of the press, today is supposed to be my day, it should have been a day of rejoice basking in the love of my childen, however Just like me of thousands of mothers are living and dying everyday in severe mental anguish, not knowing if we will ever meet our loved daughters and sons alive again. Not knowing how they are, with only horror stories and torture tales no soothing ointment, no comforting words.

My daughter Aafia is innocent; I would not be making this appeal if I did not believe so. Aafia is committed to peace to justice, and to God. With her education and passion for children she would have been a brilliant light in the darkest corners of this world. Her research in early childhood learning could have aided millions of children everywhere. My daughter would have been an asset in a world that needs these values more than ever. These are times when everybody has a price, I wander who will stand up to injustice, However a mothers Love is priceless, cannot be bought or sold and that is the the LOVE I appeal to.   

This is a letter from a mother who is hurting but not discouraged. Today on Mothers Day I recall Great Mother Mary, who is the ultimate symbol of motherhood, and And how western Women struggled through centuries to be recognized as humans and to get their rights. I recall the American history of Salem witch trials, and the words of Lord Byron, Maytin Jazo, August Count and saint Paul that women should remain subservient. Indeed you have come far like any civilized Nation but recently again the American values of love and equality, of justice and peace are being shreaded in the shadows of prejudice and fear. A fear so great and shameful that a young innocent mother of three little kids is tortured, renditioned and ridiculously indicted a kangaroo trial locking her for 86 years. 86 years because she had a dream a mission to bring educational reform where it was needed most the slums and villages of Pakistan, an educational system that would question status quo and western double standards, a road map to prosperity and peace through knowledge and awareness. A crime that was too much for the fascist war on terror lords to handle.

It is when the esteem of motherhood and her love is entrapped in old peoples homes and lost to our busy schedules that love drifts from the hearts of humanity and torture cells like Abu Gharaib, Gauntanamo bay, Adyala jail and CIA torture cells are born, and soldiers open fire at innocent families and innocent women and children are imprisoned.

I Appeal to all those in power who have the means to, Please this Mothers day respect the Wish of motherhood, that you are promising today to uphold. Release Aafia into my arms and let us rejoice that justice can prevail.

May God Bless you.


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