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15th April Jalsa at Banaras Chowk for Kaarwan e Gherat

Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui sister of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, said that Nations that compromise on their honor and dignity, very soon loose their sovereignty and the leaders of the unfortunate nations are always ridiculed and degraded. It is upto us to show that we are an honorable people, and todays turnout has just proven that. We have to unite and let our leaders and politicians know that enough is enough, we will not serve to foreign masters or their puppets, We will not let our soldiers and innocent civilian blood be ridiculed by the NATO, Drones and target killers.

Aafia is the honor of the entire ummah, and if we fail her we will be failing ourselves  .

She was addressing a massive rally of KARWAN E GERAT at Bacha Khan Chowk in   Karachi where thousands of people have gathered to listen to her. She was received at Valika hospital and taken to Bacha Khan Chowk in a procession. While addressing to the charged mob she lamented the parliamentarians for compromising on the most important and sensitive issues like NATO supplies, Dr. Aafia's release, Salala, Drones etc. She said govt. and politicians have sold themselves and nation against dollars.  Islam she said considers value, dignity and honor of women more important than Kaaba but our rulers and politicians have no value for it. The thousands gathered here have proven The parliament doesn't represent and reflect the public sentiments and should make amends. Pasban President Altaf shakoor said that that an honorable nation requires an honorable leadership, there are even some principles of prostitution business but our rulers and politicians are even worse than sex workers. The parliament should resign immediately before they are thrown out of it by the masses. I salute very few politicians of this country who never compromised on principles and did not sellout their conscious. He also said that now the Aafia movement is the only ray of hope for the deprived nation, The Karawan-e-gherat will organize rallies and processions all over the country with only one purpose to restore the honor and dignity of a once great Nation and earn the respect we deserve and will continue till Aafia is honorably released and Pakistan is free again.






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