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Press Release – Dr. Fowzia visits Missing persons camp at Islamabad

Dated: 01-03-12                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Where is Suleiman? We lost our dignity the day our very first brother was rendered.The plight of Dr. Aafia’and missing persons has transcended all borders, it is human at its core and universal in appeal: Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui at the solidarity for missing persons camp.


Islamabad – Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui, upon return from a very successful tour to South Africa where thousands thronged and pledged support for Dr Aafia’s release endorsed by Nelson Mandela, visits the Missing persons camp. Everyone is united behind the slogan “Injustice anywhere is Injustice everywhere”, she remarked. At the camp Dr. Fauzia and several Aafia Movement supporters reassured the families that their struggle is one. Dr Fauzia put out the heart rendering questions:

Where is Suleiman? The youngest of the missing, though there are reports of a 10day old baby also picked up. There is now evidence and confession of abducting and handing over of innocent little children. This is the worst form of human coercion known to mankind.

Dr. Fauzia said; in its brief history my country has endured more than its share of difficult times, but we always maintained our dignity, and because of this even those with whom we had disagreements respected us. Our dignity evaporated when the dictator of the previous government began to sell our brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, and even our young children to his foreign master. He even brags in his autobiography about how much money he made from this disgraceful practice. The respect from other nations that Pakistan had earned during six decades of struggle vanished overnight.

I am not here for the sympathies of the leaders or politicians; I am not here for any blame game. I am here to show solidarity with the families and my sister Amna Janjua. Her struggle is my struggle and together we will continue to chant let our people! go let our people go! till we are heard.  I am here for results. Why is Suleiman not accounted for nine years? Is he alive or dead? if dead who killed him? Do the politicians, leaders, army generals, commissions etc have any answers? Who will bring back the missing years of childhood, missed love and affections, nurture and motherly embraces? Raymond Davis can kill our people and terrorize a whole city and he is left to walk free, USA can create the May 2nd incident and ridicule the entire armed forces, yet ours leaves me speechless. Nato kill our soldiers and majors in cold blood, and doctors to be convicted for high treason are parts of underhand deals yet the innocent daughter of the Nation is languishing in jail uncovering the biggest travesty of justice but shamefully  those who have sworn to protect  us and uphold the constitution can only but …I don’t know what to say. Sajday me gir paray jub waqt e qayam aaya.

I think the time has come when enough is enough. We want our loved ones back. The issue of Dr. Aafia and illegal enforced disappearances has now transcended all boundaries. It is human at its core and universal in appeal.

 Dr. Fowzia Plans to stay at the camp with the aggrieved families for the next couple of days.

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