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Press Release From Aafia Movement

Dr. Fowzia was injured, deliberately and with malice, but
has now been released.  They released her early but she did not leave until
all workers being detained were also released.
The main violent attack took place AFTER the demonstration was broken up and
media was leaving.  Then a wave of security vehicles came and attackers were
special unit security forces and witnesses say they came from the direction
of the US consulate but were in local police uniforms.
Many injured.  Several severely and are hospitalized.  Altaf Shakoor had
both arms broken.
Afia movement photographer had head smashed in and camera destroyed.
Four people still missing.
Mohammad, Fozia's son, was taken into custody, had his clothes ripped and
sent home with a "message" for fozia to shut up or else worse will happen
next time.
This picture in DAWN proves her teeth were fine when they took her, so it
will be hard to claim her injuries were accidental.

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