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The Day Justice Was Assassinated


speakers at the Karachi press club commemorating two years of Aafia’s conviction

Two years ago today a verdict was passed on a Pakistani mother of three young children for a charge that was as absurd as the sentence that followed. However she was convicted after a trial process that has surely paved its way into law book of tomorrow.

A trial where the US did not have legitimate jurisdiction in the first place.  A trial where the defendant is not able to defend herself with attorneys of her choice. A trial where witnesses contradicted each other. A trial designed on hate and fear not facts to influence the jury negatively. A trial where hard forensic evidence proving the alleged charges false did not matter and the list goes on.

 Aafia Siddiqui was found guilty of attempting to kill her illegal captors in their illegal, brutal custody that we have heard about with vivid witness descriptions, enough to make anyone shudder to the core of their spine.  

We all know Aafia did not commit the crime they found her guilty of; the bullet holes she allegedly made were present in the room even a week before the incident! But that is evidence that is the truth that just proves how openly the authorities deceive our trusting public.

Aafia’s failed attempt to fire her court appointed lawyers is just one more example of how American “Justice” is given to Pakistani citizens, while Pak Government sends killers like Raymond Davis upon demand. 

In a strange way I have to thank Judge Berman for clarifying to the world that the justice system that was admired throughout the world as fair can be just as unfair and manipulated in such a way that you can call it anything but justice. He also removed the doubts that existed before her conviction and granted Aafia a unified support that was lacking before. Today two years later there is not a single honest soul that would say justice was served.

This is what Dr Fowzia Siddiqui & other speakers had to say at a public demonstration in memory of this unjust conviction of the daughter of the nation and the criminal negligence of the Pakistani government, agencies and military, who despite having tons of opportunities, to repatriate their daughter back remained inactive. Their biggest crime was to let the trial get on.

We are concerned about Aafia’s health – which the Pakistan Counsel informed us may be cancer. We want independent physicians to examine her to determine she is OK, and whether she is receiving proper treatment in US custody.

The demonstration organized by Aafia Movement was attended by various members of civil society, political and human rights and lawyer organizations.

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