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Future Visitation for Aafia Placed in Limbo

Sep 30, 2011


Visiting Aafia… continued…

On Sept 10, 2011 the US government finally allowed Aafia to have a family visit after almost 2-1/2 years.

It had been hoped that after finally relenting to following their own rules, the BOP would allow routine future visits on at least the 8 hours per month basis.

This hope was dashed last week when, after hinting that a visit in October will be allowed, we are now told that will not likely occur (Clear answers are not easy to obtain).

Generally, the BOP (Bureau of Prisons) rules for prisoners in the most severe detention allow for 8 hours of visitation per month.  Almost all prisoners convicted of what Aafia was charged with are allowed unlimited week-end visitation in communal settings.

But then, as the BOP itself has said: Normal rules do not apply to Aafia.

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