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The Aafia and Davis Debate Rages on

Feb 25, 2011


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By Gordon Duff
Veterans Today,
Aafia had been held and tortured in attempts to restore the reputation of Dick Cheney, “Scooter” Libby and Karl Rove, who had been involved in “outing” CIA agent Valerie Plame. Plame’s husband, Joe Wilson, had proven the “yellowcake” fantasy to be just that and the Bush administration was lashing out in humiliation.
Dr. Aafia refused to confess to this fantasy and was tortured and raped for 5 years.
Eventually, Aafia was charged with a crime and brought to the United States for trial. Her trial was one of the most shameful events in American history, utterly ludicrous. Millions in Pakistan, from the highest military and intelligence leaders, long time friends and allies of the United States, to the poorest of the poor have united to see her freed. Americans, as they become aware of her fate, are joining in.
She stands convicted, a political convenience for the Bush administration, an abuse of every moral law.
Unless she is freed and allowed to search for her children [child], if they are still alive, there will be no way out for Raymond Davis who will be hanged, that is certain, hanged or Pakistan will fall and the Taliban may well control a nuclear arsenal. Was this the game in the first place, putting nuclear weapons in the hands of the Taliban? Pakistan, a nation whose nuclear arsenal has been more secure than America’s as we learned in 2007 when warheads disappeared from Minot Air Force Base and were recovered on their way to “parts unknown” in the belly of an errant B-52, has long been accused. There is evidence that military contractors like Davis have, in the past, planned attacks on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons storage facilities, dressed as “Taliban.” Were they attempting to steal nuclear weapons? For what purpose?


Dr. Aafia deserves freedom. She is held for one reason only, the vanity and debasement of Dick Cheney. Raymond Davis may well be guilty of murder, spying and even terrorism or guilty of
nothing at all. A legal process, as we are now proceeding, will decide this, one likely to be much fairer than the one that Dr. Aafia was subjected to in the United States.
Davis is very likely to be convicted and sentenced to death.
We can’t bring any of the dead back to life. There are more than the few we are dealing with here today. The dead have mounted up since 2001, first 3000 Americans on 9/11 and now millions, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, grieving families in homes around the world, America, Canada, Germany, Britain, Poland and throughout the Middle East. More are dying today in Libya.
All of these deaths are related.
If Pakistan explodes like Egypt, like Tunisia, like Libya, it does more than put nuclear weapons in play. A cascade effect, spreading across Central Asia and the Caspian basin, as predicted by Brzezinski, could become a reality with startling consequences.
Quelling the anger the people of Pakistan currently harbor against the United States over the Davis affair is critical to stability in the region.
The only way out is for there to be a trade, Dr. Aafia for Raymond Davis. There is only one person with the credibility to sell this deal to the people of Pakistan, a deal that may well require “sweetening” with more than the return of Aafia.


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We are not in Kansas Anymore

View Times, Feb 19, 2011
Clinton is right when she said. “We need to work together carefully to prevent misunderstandings and disagreements from derailing the progress we have made in the past two years.” However in order to “work together” she needs to call off the attack dogs, apologize to the victims, pay compensation and then negotiate swap of “Raymond Davis” with Dr. Aafia Siddqui. The incarnation of Dr. Siddiqui labeled the “daughter of Pakistan is a festering wound in the relationship. This would be a golden opportunity to end that sordid affair and halt Anti-Americanism in Pakistan. Mrs Clinton cannot think beyond her nose, so her knee jerk reaction was to try to place Pakistan in a vice. Two Pakistani cabinet minsters had to pay the price and the government was almost toppled over.


Mala fide Intent?

Shireen Mazari
Express Tribune, Feb 25, 2011
Meanwhile, the US continues to muddy the grounds of the Davis case and, unfortunately, has succeeded in pushing into the background the issue of what happened to the murderer of the third victim and his car. Amongst the more bizarre logic being offered for freeing Davis, is the argument that the trial would not be seen as ‘fair’ — presumably by those in the US. This is ironic given how the Dr Aafia Siddiqi trial by jury in New York was a visible sham and yet, that has not prevented the US from penalising the lady in a most despicable fashion. In any case, are we to try murderers based on how the US views these trials and condemn the credibility of our judiciary proactively?



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