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Lahore Victims Families Reject Compensation, Say: "Swap Davis For Dr. Aafia"

Feb. 01, 2011


LAHORE, Jan 31: The parents of the both Fahim and Faizan – two young men who were shot dead by a US Consulate employee on Thursday – have said they are ready to withdraw the murder case filed against Raymond Davis if the US authorities allow Dr. Aafia Siddiqui to return to Pakistan as a free citizen.

“We discussed the matter in detail and finally decided to link up the withdrawal of murder case with Dr Aafia Siddiqui release,” Fahim’s father Shamshad Ali, who works as a security guard at a local factory, told Dawn on Monday.
“They (US authorities) should release Dr Aafia or see Davis hanged,” Faizan’s brother Imran Haider said, rejecting all other options, including monetary compensation. Shamshad, who resides in a five-marla rented house of Ilam Din Colony, a low-income locality, was not happy with Davis’s offer of monetary compensation. “I will not take a single penny from the US citizen (Davis) or the government for my son’s life,” Shamshad said categorically.

“Though my family is facing financial constraints, the American government’s attitude towards our citizens like Dr Aafia forced me and my children to reject the compensation offer and to ask the authorities to go for a bargain with US,” he said.
Fahim’s elder brother Waseem also expressed similar views and demanded the government take up the issue with the US authorities for the release of Dr Aafia, otherwise the killer should be treated according to the law without any discrimination.
“We want to see Dr Aafia back in the country or execution of the killer of my brother at Qartaba Chowk where he was assassinated mercilessly,” Waseem said.

Faizan’s elder brother Imran Haider, also a complainant in the FIR registered against Raymond Davis, told Dawn he and his parents discussed all available options with Fahim’s family.

“While recalling the efforts of Dr Aafia’s helpless family for her release, we have decided that this is the time to forget our agonies and use the opportunity to get the nation’s daughter released.”


victim familyVictim Family talks with Punjab Chief Minister. They rejected offers of compensation and asked instead for Dr. Aafia's return to Pakistan.

(Note: Dr. Aafia's family has since said that the victim's families must be allowed to grieve their loss and should not be dragged into politics, stating that the killer of their loved ones cannot be exchanged for Dr. Aafia who harmed no one.)



Pakistani Senate Supports Swapping Davis for Dr. Aafia

The NEWS, 01 Feb 2011


ISLAMABAD: Deputy Chairman Senate Jan Muhammad Jamali on Monday supported the demand of JUI-F Senator Dr Ismail Buledi, who has asked the Pakistan government to seek the return of Dr Aafia Siddiqui in exchange for a US citizen who killed two Pakistanis in Lahore a few days back. “By making this demand, you are reflecting the wishes of the people of Pakistan,” Deputy Chairman in response to a point of order from Dr Buledi said.

Senator Buledi said Pakistan should now avail the opportunity to get Dr Aafia repatriated from the United States in exchange for accused Raymond Davis involved in the killing of three persons in Lahore last week. “It is a great opportunity to get Dr Aafia back home,” Senator Buledi said on a point of order which he originally raised to condemn the attack on the house of ANP leader Zahid Khan, that left one person dead and his brother injured.

Buledi sought release of Dr Aafia, who was sentenced for 86 years by the US court, in return for US accused, who reportedly shot dead two persons in Lahore while a motorcyclist was crushed to death by a US consulate vehicle.


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