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December 2011

by Andrew Purcell Okay. I got my Christmas gift seven weeks early. A complete surprise considering it came directly from Aafia. How did this happen? She is too dangerous for me to be allowed to visit. Certainly doesn't have a lot of opportunity to go to the mall and shop. During the first weekend of November I drove to Fort Worth with Aafia's brother. The prison officials would not confirm the visit. Come up and maybe, we'll see. He made the five hundred plus mile round trip expecting

Dec. 9, 2011   Aafia Movement has received a very positive reception in Baluchistan as rallies and events that highlight the serious situation in the area. Pakistan Today Quetta - Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, the sister of imprisoned Dr Aafia Siddiqui, on Friday condemned the government for towing pro-American policies and urged the people to fight for their rights. Addressing a press conference at the Quetta Press Club, she said that the government had adopted an apologetic attitude towards NATO regarding the murder of 24 military personnel. She said

Nov 22, 2011   On the ocassion of the 2011 Chikldren's Day, Aafia Movement called for the guarantee of basic human rights for all children.  The Aafia Movement also called for greater attention to the widespread practicies of child abuse in Pakistan and around the world.  A special appeal was made to eliminate child prisons and the exposing of the cases of thousands of children born in prisons who have never seen freedom.  

Oct.ober 24, 2011   The Aafia Movement sponsored a candlelight vigil for the victims of the recent destructive earthquakes in Turkey. The Movement urged supporters to channel their emotions towards aiding Flood victims in Pakistan and Earthquake victims in Turkey as these disasters had claimed many innocent victims and represented a test for the human brootherhood among us all. The Turkish government expressed their appreciation for the sincere sentiments and solidarity expressed by the Movement. For video, click on image below:

With 2nd May and the focus of world politics, the past months took a back seat when I saw the story of three women flash before my eyes. The solution to these events is simple but slipping from our grips as time is ticking away. I share with you three women. First, the leader who gave her life for democracy. Her desperate e-mails claiming her life to be in danger, and the fear from those close to her all too obvious. Her soul still

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