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Pak Christians in Solidarity with Dr Aafia on Christma

Dec 25, 2010




Another rally in the financial heart of Pakistan On Christmas eve , but this time not to protest drone attacks but to call on US officials to release Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.
There were people from the Christian community among those who were out on the streets to show solidarity with Aafia and her family.
Aafia's family complain that their request for a new lawyer for her has been turned down by the US authorities and that lawyers are not allowed to meet her.
She is being held at a prison in Carswell, Texas, described by her family members as one of the most notorious prisons facilitates in the world. While talking to Press TV, Aafia's sister appealed to President Obama for her immediate release.
There have been numerous rallies in the country over Afia's case so far and her release has become one of the national issues in Pakistan. She has been named the daughter of nation by Premier Gillani.
Her case has also attracted the attention of human rights groups who say she was tortured during her detention in Afghanistan and deprived of the rights a detainee should enjoy.

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