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Mothers Day reflection by Mark Sashine…



Excerpt from: OpEd News


Sacred Sisters Of Victory

By Mark Sashine

This year May 9 is the 65th anniversary of the Victory over Germany in 1945. It is also a Mother's Day. The US is very proud with its record of women emancipation. This century is proclaimed to be the Century of Women. Empowerment is the word….

Germans did not consider Russians as  proper POWs; women- prisoners were not protected by any convention or agreement. German soldiers saved and distributed memorable photos with women hanged at the background, with naked women routed up, with Russian girls on their knees, with women- Communists or Jews digging their own graves; you want more of that? Hey, feminists, how are you going to treat a woman- Communist who was repeatedly raped by the Germans- as a saint or it was all her fault? Don't bother; Martha Corey said that there were no witches in 1692, she certainly was no Communist- but I had never heard her name mentioned by your people even once. Our US feminism prefers queens and duchesses. Rose Luxemburg, a prominent German Communist, beaten to death in 1918 by a group of German officers is not their heroine, of course. Just imagine a group of men beating a woman to death. What a feat, really for the glorious German military. But it was in 1918. In the Y2010 doctor Aafia Siddiqui was literally torn to pieces by the US so- called court system, convicted under false premise and do we hear anything from Oprah? Or from Tina Fey? Or from Madame Huffington? Oh yes, they are busy celebrating the anniversary of Madeleine Allbright becoming a Secretary of State.  How about Cindy Sheehan? When Glenn Beck called a woman who lost her son  in the criminal war a "tragedy pimp", did any of our female celebs spit in his eye? Did any of them use their considerable wealth to make him cringe as the coward he is? Nope, total silence it was. Empowerment really is strange in this country. It is highly selective….

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