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Thirty Pieces of Silver and a Place to Hide

Sep 28, 2010


As an Eid gift I wrote a few words of comfort for the sister and brother of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. (published here)
Nearing the sentencing date they were tired and exhausted and wondering if anything they and their supporters had done had helped Aafia at all. I highlighted the successes of the campaign that they had waged for Aafia's freedom and reputation and children, and the hope they had given to the families of the others who had disappeared.
Commenting on the courage it took to stand up to a military dictatorship I wrote, "It just takes the will to shine a little bit of light on evil, and evil gets very frightened."
The Monday September 27, 2010 edition of the Pak Tribune ran the following article:
"Musharraf says to Aafia family: ‘I am innocent’"Link here
It must have been some other general who sold Aafia. After all, there are so many generals, and with the uniforms and the medals they all look so much the same. It's so hard to keep track of them.
Of course he sent this message from an undisclosed location through one of his lackeys. Did I mention that evil gets very frightened by the light?
I also quoted the Bible story of Moses delivering God's message to Pharaoh, "Let my people go!"
Pharaoh Musharraf, you had five years to bring Aafia home. To bring any of the hundreds who disappeared home. You chose instead to enjoy your thirty pieces of silver. That is another Biblical metaphor you might want to consider.


Andrew Purcell

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