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SEPTEMBER 23, 2010: New York

After reading a long and cold statement, Judge Richard M. Berman callously said to Dr. Aafia : "I wish you the best" as he pronounced a sentence of Eighty Six (86) Years in prison.

She would be eligible for release in the year 2094 at age 122 if she lives that long.


Dr. Aafia, who was calm throughout the proceedings, asked that no revenge or violence be done in her name and she specifically forgave Judge Berman while disagreeing with the trial and the charges and allegations against her. She also once again stated that she did not want the current legal team.  However, she did preserve her right to appeal by saying that she would appeal but through lawyers of HER choosing if the US system would allow her to find a lawyer and not impose one on her or have the Pakistani government impose lawyers.

At the end of the hearing, when asked by the judge if she wanted to voice any objections she simply stated that there were so many that "we would be here all day" and suggested that it would be a short list if he asked her about what she agreed with. With this she managed to bring smiles to all in the court including the security officers and US Marshalls on an otherwise very tense day.

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