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IJN Statement in Response to Sentencing


The International Justice Network, attorneys for the family of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, issued the following statement today after Dr. Siddiqui was sentenced to 86 years in prison by Judge Berman at the US federal court in Manhattan.

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui – who has never caused harm to anyone – has now been condemned to spend the rest of her life in a maximum security prison in the United States.  This sentence is not only unjust because of its harshness to Dr. Siddiqui – but also because of its impact on her three small children who may never see their mother again.  But the greatest injustice of all is that those who are responsible for the kidnapping, disappearance, and abuse of Dr. Siddiqui and her children without cause have yet to answer for their actions.

While today's sentence concludes a shameful chapter in American history, it is only a matter of time before the truth about what has been done to Dr. Siddiqui, her family, and the thousands of other innocents who have been disappeared is revealed. Importantly, despite today's sentence and all the injustices which she has endured, Dr. Siddiqui has once again made clear that she does not support any acts of violence being taken in her name.  She also called on her supporters to work peacefully for justice for the hundreds of children like hers who have been imprisoned and have no voice. The International Justice Network stands in solidarity with the international community in condemning this unfair and unjust result in Dr. Siddiqui's case.

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