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Aafia Movement Continues Relief Efforts for Flood and Dengue Victims

2011- Pakistanis Plagued again by Floods and more…

In August, 2010 the people of Pakistan experienced the worst floods on record in the history of the nation. Now, again in 2011, the country has been ravaged by floods of a significant scale.  Millions more are homeless and need need urgent support from their compatriots.

To make matters worse, this year the floods have coincided with a massive outbreak od Dengue fever across many parts of the country – adding further misery to an already catastrophic situation.

While international aid has been a trickle, local groups are taking an active role.  In this spirit of self reliance, The Aafia Movement had launched and maintained Flood Relief efforts during the epic floods of 2010 and has boosted that effort this year.

This year when Aafia was finally allowed to speak with her family, a subject of grave concern to her was the condition of the flood victims and upon lerning of the magnitude of the issue, Aafia has asked that all those who support her should focus their efforts, prayers and practical actions towards making a real, positive change in the conditions of the flood and dengue victims and of all Pakistanis.

Below are some images of camps set up by the Aafia Movement to bring aid to those suffering.





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