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Excerpt taken from: VETERANS TODAY


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

… What is it like being married to a torturer and war criminal?  Are these harsh terms?  Whenever I hear from a member of Dr. Aafia’s family, I think of Laura Bush.

Dr. Aafia is Pakistani national, PhD from MIT in microbiology, a scientist of some real esteem who, at the “secret orders” of George W. Bush, was kidnapped with her small children, bought from a criminal gang in Pakistan to spend years of torture in an illegal prison.  After 5 years of rape and torture, Aafia is put on trial, not for any crime, but for trying to murder those who were torturing and raping her, 7 of them.  Do you think Laura woke up every morning feeling guilt because of rape and torture ordered by her husband, written off by the two of them as though it were all a college prank.

Laura Bush was silent on this and the fate of over a million Iraqis killed by her husband.  I wonder if she ever asked him where he spent his time in the military during the Vietnam War?  Records show Bush failing a drug test and simply disappearing.  Those records will never be released but the math is simple, not AWOL, but deserter.  “Daddy, what did you do during the war?”

Aafia, the 100 pound, wheelchair bound hellion who had to be shot twice in the abdomen by her “translator” to keep her from murdering her “interrogators”….

Now wait a second.  They speak English in Pakistan.  Aafia lived in the US for years and has a doctorate from MIT.  I would bet any amount that she speaks English much better than George W. Bush, in fact so much better it isn’t funny.  In fact, this isn’t speculation, but a fact.  How many innocent Muslims were kidnapped and thrown into the Gulag when President Bush sent out a “casting call” for dupes to be thrown into the CIA gulag, nobody in particular, just “numbers” so Ashcroft and Gonzales could claim “terrorist suspect” arrests….

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