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Feb 28 2010


(Lord Nazir ) I would like to thank Imran Khan and Sister Yvonne Ridley for raising Dr Aafia's case at the international level and campaigning for her release. I was first approached by Sister Yvonne Ridley in Mid July 2009 , when I put down some written questions from Her Majesty's Government related to Dr Aafia Siddiqui , Prisoner 650 and the Grey Lady of Baghram. She was charged and produced before a Judge with 4 weeks of my Parliamentary questions and my letters to the American Ambassador in London.

Last week I was in the United States meeting with Congressmen regarding her case and both sister Yvonne Riddley I met with Mohammed Siddiqui, Dr Aafia's brother regarding her conviction.

I fear that Dr Aafia's case is a grave miscarriage of Justice,firstly it is too much of a coincidence that she was shot,charged and brought before a Judge just within a few days after my letters and Parliamentary Question secondly the original psychiatrist appointed by the Court said that she was not fit to stand trail and therefore needed medical treatment . How ever the Honourable Judge changed the psychiatrist and allowed the prosecution to proceed. Thirdly there is no forensic or scientific evidence linking Dr Aafia with these allegation; facts of the case are:


  • No bullet shells or casing from the M4 found in the area
  • None of Aafias fingerprints on the M4
  • No gunshot residue from the M4
  • No bullet holes in the wall from the M4 (ones which prosecution claimed were from it were shown to be already in the wall in a picture taken of the area in the days prior to the shooting)
  • Conflicting testimonies by the US forces both with each other and with earlier statements they made
  • Prosecution allowed pursue lines of questioning which created the impression that Afia was a terrorist fugitive (youve been in hiding for the last 5 years? what experience do you have with chemicals) whereas judge prohibited defence from discussing the mystery surrounding her disappearance. 

I offer all my support to Imran Khan , Yvonne Ridley and their team to ensure that Justice is done in this case .Dr Aafia is returned to Pakistan and joined with her family.

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