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US, India, Israel again in action



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ISLAMABAD – The coming together of the US, Israel, and India, in an unholy alliance to tighten the noose around a Muslim lady reflects the new realities of global power politics.
The prejudiced decision against Dr Aafia Siddiqui traces its roots to the active involvement of Israel in collusion with Indians like Preet Bharara who hold powerful legal positions in the US, under the support and shelter of the US.

Why Aafia’s case was assigned to a judge with controversial prejudiced past, who was more a Jew than juror, is too obvious to seek a reply. It is also astonishing that the burning news regarding Judge Richard Berman, being an orthodox Jew, and a member of jury who convicted Aafia has barely been noticed in international community and media. Apart from a few select forums, the issue was not raised elsewhere.

Richard Berman stepped into his professional life by working for US Senator Jacob Javits in early 1970s. Javits is regarded as one of those diehard Jews who were pioneers of the idea that Israel being an ‘ideological’ country, ‘ is reserved only for Jews’. Word Press reports that Javits, a four-time elected senator was one of the major architects of Marshall Plan and Truman Doctrine and a close associate of President Jimmy Carter.

The reason why Dr Aafia had requested that the trial must not to be conducted by any Jew in the Jury, was because she had already smelled the rat. Her request was turned down as the stage had already been set to malign her. Adding fuel to fire, some propagators of freedom of speech called her “Lady Al-Qaeda” after jury deemed her guilty. The same term was coined by venomous newspaper, New York Daily News that does not help preaching what US government says, in its front-page articles and editorials.

The New York Daily News is widely believed to be a puppet at the hands of the US government that keeps blowing the trumpet of US military command. The newspaper quoted US Army Captain Robert Snyder, a practicing Jew who had testified against Aafia, as saying, “US Army captain described the savage look on her face when she opened fire on a roomful of military personnel in Afghanistan. “She was very determined, very agitated,” Capt. Robert Snyder testified. “It was clear in my mind what her intent was. A vision of hatred…shooting at us. Shooting at me.” A hype was created by those who testified against Aafia in collusion with jurors that they saw somebody approaching them in darkness aiming a gun at them, only to give an impression that Dr. Aafia’s accomplices were trying to kill them. But no such accomplice was traced, arrested or produced in court.

Richard Berman talked to the witnesses in private and simply believed in what they said.“The Jury’s verdict amounts to reaching a conclusion, beyond a reasonable doubt, in an American court of law that despite the absence of any shred of forensic evidence – fingerprints, shell-casings, bullet debris, bullet-holes, and other such minor details that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui overpowered U.S. officials, and got hold of one of their M-4 rifles, and fired off approximately two rounds at her would-be interrogators, in sovereign Afghanistan, on July 18, 2008. This says a lot of the Judge, The Jury and the American Law deciding the fate of Aafia Siddiqui in a US Federal Court Room last month.” Word Press says about Jury’s decision. “Dr Siddiqui actually believes that Jewish people have some sort of disproportionate power in United States. She mistrusts the media, which she for some reasons believes is overly Judaic,” the same website reports in a recent article.

One may recall here that US Federal Attorney of New York, Pareet Bharara had welcomed the Jury’s
controversial decision calling it supremacy of justice. “Justice is served today,” Bharara had cheerfully exclaimed after the decision was slapped on Aafia. Bharara, as pointed out in this newspaper some days back, is also one of the prejudiced Indians who had played an instrumental role in judicial harassment of Dr Aafia.

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