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Aafia Case Looms Over American Shooter

Jan 29, 2011


In view of the shooting in Lahore of 2 Pakistani youths by an American citizen and the running over of another bystander by an official US consulate vehicle, anger seethes in Pakistan and Aafia's case  is starting to haunt the fate of American citizens in Pakistan. But I don't think the US govt is listening.  The US consulate is demanding the release of their citizen and have refused to cooperate regarding the driver and occupants of the vehicle that killed the bystander.  Pakistanis widely believe that their government will give in to pressure from the US and pursue the case only superficially with no accountability for the killers.  This is being contrasted sharply with the treatment of Dr. Aafia at the hands of the US government over the last 8 years.

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