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Watch Mubashir Luqman in Point Blank with Dr. Mewish Baig (Urdu/English Sumary)


By Waqas Ahmed:



Shamelessly we are listening to the screams of Aafia, and look at the boldness of her abductors that they came to kidnap another one.

Watch Mubashir Luqman in Point Blank with Dr. Mewish Baig

Below is the general summary of what is in the video clip:



“If you think case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is just a one case, Please Hold On, You would be surprised Its not just one case, When I say there is one more Lady Doctor, who is online with us, FBI soldiers raided her house, Still if you are not surprised, then I would tell you, that the lady is living in Naval Complex Karachi, where naval guards live, Still if you are not surprised, then I would tell you that her brother is a serving Naval officer. And when brother intervened and was able to get rid of these FBI soldiers, Local police refused to register FIR/complaint against this. Still you are not surprised, then I would tell you that FBI soldiers threatened lady doctor that they will kidnap her, alongwith her children within next three days.” Syas Mubasher Luqman in his program Point Black on Blackwater

FBI soldiers even reached to school of her children to kidnap them from there and when they did not found them there, they were searching at other places and homes. When they did not find her children anywehere they forced Mehwish to go with them at her brother’s house where she was living now. Her brother’s house is located in Naval Complex in Defense Karachi. At entry point of the Naval Complex Dr. Mehwish informed FBI Soldiers that this is a restricted area and foreigners are not allowed here. But they insisted her to let them go with them inside. They went inside her house, threatened her, When her brother came from his office and asked them to leave them and informed them about the restriction as it a Military Compound. In response, they threatened everybody. Dr. Mehwish has further informed that all these people she met in American consulates where they introduced themselves as Consulate staff, but later they turned out to be FBI officials.

In responding to question that why she went to U.S. Consulate, Dr. Mehwish says, she wanted to renounce (Cancellation) her U.S. Citizenship, to live here in Pakistan alongwith her children.

Police is not willing to register FIR against these FBI’s dogs as they remain under cover of US Diplomats in the eyes of shameless Pakistani Government.

In the end, Mubasher says, Don’t worry Dr. Mehwish there are brothers here in Pakistan who will stand up to protect you."


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